Affinity Energy and Health has leveraged the fast expansion of the global aquaculture market with the development of high-end algae-based aqua feed known as FeedMe Algae.

FeedMe Algae

Cultivated in the cleanest environment, with strict quality control standards, the FeedMe™ line of products offers the highest quality algae available. Each batch is cultivated in a highly controlled environment to ensure the algae is never lacking in nutrients, light etc., to ensure that every scoop of algae offers the greatest possible benefit profile.

FeedMe™ Algae uses the AEB enclosed modular high-yield, algae growth manufacturing system to produce sustainable and renewable proteins and oils. The enclosed photo-reactor system offers cost, scale and yield advantages over the open pond method.

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The positive effects of algae-based aqua feed include;

  • Proportional blend of microalgae enriched feed has been proven to enhance growth, development and stress resistance;
  • Algae content can be as high as 24% in some species;
  • Although aquaculture produces can incur slightly higher production costs, the exceptional nutritional value of the algae fed product justifies the extra expense and provides increased market value.